Lua Coding for Roblox Absolute Free Classes for Kids (Genuine Guide)

Lua Coding for Roblox Free Classes for Kids (Genuine Guide)

Coding for Roblox is a great beginning option for your kids to learn 3D gaming for free of cost.

It is a text-based computer programming. Roblox studio is a wonderful engine for 3D game creation. It proud of its massive active players over 64M and it’s absolutely free. 

Your kids can learn developing games just by using the free written instruction resources provided the Roblox, which is Roblox wiki. Visit this link to access it.

Roblox is designed for beginner coder for games. So, it is just excellent option for your kids to start the coding for games with Roblox. 

You don’t need any photoshop software or 3D modelling software to code in Roblox. Your kids will be able to do everything just by using the free Roblox Studio software and it is available for Mac and PC both. 

Why should your kids learn to code in Roblox?

Simply, because it is a simple and wonderful game development platform. To understand the strength of Roblox, check out this amazing game call of Robloxia5: Roblox At War, it is played more than 14 milion times by various users. You can visit the game through this link,

Your kids will be able to create Roblox games and publish them, which will capable your kids to earn Robux which you can cash out and get real money by using DevEx program. 

Many people became millionaires by earning Robux, and your kids can become the next.

How to learn Coding for Roblox for Free?

Learning coding for Roblox  Freely from Roblox Wiki

Coding for Roblox can be learnt easily just by following the instructions provided in Roblox wiki,  link  but it is a text based learning process.

Your kids and students will actively engage in the process of creating awesome games by learning coding and design skills.

Learning coding for Roblox  Freely from Online Video Classes

If your child is more interested in learning through video classes for Lua coding for Roblox then you can go through the below mentioned free online video classes for beginning. 

  1. Become Awesome at Everything ROBLOX in 1 Hour


  • The instruction will guide you to create your account, if you have no account created.
  • Be happy as you are going to be with more than 71,000,000 other monthly Roblox users.
  • Have a good computer with internet connection 


In this course, instructor will not teach you to code but will teach you a lot of amazing and very necessary tip and tricks that you must know before your step into the world of coding for Roblox. 

In order to become a successful Roblox game developer, you must go through this course.  

The instructor of this course is highly experience in coding for Roblox, over 11 years coding for Roblox, so he actually knows what he is talking about.

IF you are a beginner or you want your kids to learn the coding for Roblox then I would recommend you to go for this free course.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for you if you are a beginner in coding for Roblox
  • If you want your kids to learn coding for games and begin journey with coding for Roblox.
  • You are experienced but want to learn some great trick and tips to stay ahead of others.
  1. Getting Started in Roblox Development


  • A good computer with internet connection
  • Having permissions to install software in your computer system


If you want your kids to become a video game developer, but do not know where to start, then this course is for your kids.

Your kids will learn how to develop video game coding in Roblox. The instructor will teach to download Roblox Studio in the system and will guide step by step to create simple games in Roblox. Your kids will learn to add objects and non-playing characters to your game, keep score and using scripts to change game objects. 

Who this course is for:

  • If you are a beginner game developers willing to start with coding in Roblox.
  •  You are a Developer but having very less experience in coding in Roblox for game creation.
  • Kids want to start learning Game creation.

Learning coding for Roblox  Freely from YouTube Video Classes

There are many YouTube channels to learn Lua Coding for Roblox for free, but many are with low quality videos.

Here is the list some YouTube channels with quality learning experience.

  1. PeasFactory

This channel is packed with a lot of quality videos that can teach your kids, how to code for Roblox and become a video game creator.

Your kids can follow the instructor step by step through out many videos and learn coding for Roblox easily and exiting way.

  1. How To Make A Roblox Game

If you are willing your kids to learn to make a Roblox game fast then go for this video. AlvinBlox will teach to use Roblox Studio and Lua coding. Your kids will learn to create an obby game, where your kids will learn to code to create some advance obstacles. 

Your kids can create Roblox games and publish them, it will allow your kids to earn Robux which you can cash out and get real money by using DevEx program. 

Many teens became millionaires by this process, and your kids can become the next.

  1.  CodeTheorem – ROBLOX

Here your kids will learn how to create first script. Lean about the overview of several components to Roblox Studio, such as Advanced objects and Output.

Here you will find series of videos to follow and learn from the beginning.

  1. Wrathsong

This channels provide great learning experience for free. So if you want your kids to learn Lua coding for Roblox and create amazing video games then go for this channel. There are many video classes available step by step for beginning to becoming a pro.

Here is how people learned Coding for Roblox …

Rob Hawryluk

, Robloxian, Programmer

I am not an experienced scripter but I am still in the process of becoming better. Learning coding takes time and demands a lot of practice.

This is how I learned Coding for Roblox….

I did not go for any expensive courses rather I learned by watching YouTube videos and free resources available over internet. 

There are really plenty of video classes for coding for Roblox available in YouTube but all are not with quality learning experience. But there are some real cool YouTube channels with amazing free stuffs to learn coding for Roblox.

I have learnt the most from 


I stared as a beginner and completed all the video classes. I changed the code and messed it and checked how it works.

To learn the most from tutorial videos, you need to edit Roblox by yourself at the same time, step by step follow the teacher.


Hands on practice are the only and best way to learn.

Logan Darklock

programmer since age 8, knows over 15 programming languages

The first language I learnt was Lua.

Learning new language is always a great attempt. I started my journey of learning Coding for Roblox by reading the instructions on the Roblox wiki. 

I followed the tutorial step by steps and practiced to create them in scripts.

I have learnt Python and JavaScript but still some time I open up Roblox studio and script.

Robert Guana

Game Developer and Kid

I am an 11 year old, learnt Python and Scratch in the past. I am learning Lua coding since last year. After Scratch it is one of the simple programming language to learn.

I have learnt Lua coding for Roblox by following Roblox Wiki and learning great stuffs from AlvinBlox, EppoBot and other tutorials available in YouTube. 

I did not pay any fees for learning Lua coding for Roblox rather I have learnt through free models. It is very much possible to learn Lua coding for Roblox freely.

Michael Yu

 Knows 5 languages, keeps on dabbing around interweb

I started learning Lua Coding for Roblox at the age of 10. And I can tell now that it is great to learn Roblox Lua. It develops your creative process while having fun. 

If you start learning Lua coding for Roblox  as a beginner, you will easily start learning other languages, as you will understand the programming concepts.

Luis Alberto Fierro Salinas

 Student Rust & Lua, Software Engineering

I have learnt Lua programming for Roblox around 2 years ago. It was the first programming language to start the learning programming languages. So, I was a absolute beginner.

I learnt through watch YouTube channels, especially PeasFactory YouTube Channel has taught me all the basics.

 I have gone through Roblox wiki and practiced a lot.

Practice is the main key to learn Lua coding for Roblox.

I was determined to be a self-taught programmer so I mess codes and learnt.

The experience I gained from practicing by myself was amazing, now I can use very advanced methods in coding to make the code short and less resource demanding.

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