How to Teach Coding for Kids – Introduce Kids to Coding as Parents An In-depth Guide

How to Teach Coding for Kids? – Introduce Kids to Coding as Parents (An In-depth Guide)

If you are parents who is well acquainted with technology then you might have idea how to teach coding to kids. But I know there are many parents who are not so familiar with the technology and it become really difficult for them to understand how to teach coding to their kids.

This article will help both kind of parents but especially if you are non-technical parents, you will be most benefited from this article.

The first confusion comes, when you see that many parents are too busy for teaching coding to their kids, you start thinking what is happening? Why are these parents so obsessed with computer programming?

No Worry! I can promise after reading this whole article, you will be cleared about all these questions that confused you for long time.

So, keep Reading! 

Table of Content

  1. What is Coding?
  2. Why coding is important?
  3. Can kids do coding? 
  4. Is coding good for kids?
  5. How do I start teaching my child to code?
  6. When should I start teaching my child to code?
  7. What is the best programming language for a child to learn?
  8. What is the best way to teach kids programming?

What is Coding?

Let us start with the basics, what is coding? To answer this I would request you to hold your mobile phone or turn on the laptop, now you see bunch of apps in your mobile screen. Have you ever thought how were they created? They all are created by using computer programming or in short by coding. You see a lot of software in your laptop, they all are created by coding.

Most probably you have used Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon app or when you visit a website, play a game in mobile or computer, you should know that they all are created by coding.

I hope now you got little idea about what is coding. There are many more things to tell but I don’t want to overwhelm you by explaining too many complicated things.

Why coding is important?

Now let us understand, why coding is so important? For understanding the importance of coding I would like to request you again to hold you mobile in your hand and search in Google, top coding languages. You will find answers like, Python, Java, C++ etc. Go ahead and search in Google Python jobs or Java jobs etc. 

Once you go through this activity, you will find that there are numerous job vacancies for the skilled people with these languages. 

You may think why are there so many vacancies for these programming or coding languages. It is so, because coding is done though all these languages.

The software we see in office is in use or in our mobile or computer; every websites, Robots and numerous things are done by using these coding languages. 

This immense demand and growth of the technology made these languages so popular and in demand. And that how coding became so important in present world of technology.

You should also know that this technology is not going to depart from the Earth rather it will develop more and make people’s live more easier day by day. 

Now if you want your child to be a part of this amazing coding world, then you must teach your kids to code.

Can kids do coding? 

The question can my kids do coding is a very common question for many parents.

Short answer is, YES. 

Kids are not as dull as many parents may think. They have an empty and quick absorbing mind, which can help them to learn new things so fast. 

Just think how easily they learn the language you speak with them, or things happing around them. If they can learn so completed language you use then why can’t they learn coding language?

Trust me your kids are really capable of learning to code.

Is coding good for kids?

Coding is not only good for kids rather offer multiple benefits to kids.

Coding will benefit your child in many ways, such as beside career, it will also make them to think logically and creatively by developing their problem solving skills, they will also learn to use math in fun ways in coding etc.

How do I start teaching my child to code?

How do i introduce my kids to coding? This is the question gives struggle to many parents. Once they understand the importance of coding, they want to teach their kids coding. But there are surely many expensive ways to teach your kids to code.

But what about the people, who cannot effort huge sum of fees for teaching coding to their kids. Won’t their kids learn coding?

I know many parents are excited by seeing the ads about kids coding classes but when they see the fees structure they are severely down casted.

Always remember there are Easy, Free and Cheaper ways to learn computer programming, you just need to find them out because many people try to hide those from you.

Again No Worry! You must know I have created this website just to help you parents to find the right ways for teaching your kids to code by providing all the possible precious information of free resources along with best & cheapest. 

I have written several articles to guide you through the best possible free ways you can teach your kids to code. You can Visit these links for Getting detail information.

I hope those articles will help you parents to know how to get your child to code.

If your kid is very young then you can start with Scratch programming and if your kid is older than you can start with Python programming language.

When should I start teaching my child to code?

Kids can learn to code even if they are 6 years old. If your kids have step in 6 years old, you can introduce them to the world of coding. There are real fun and easy way to teach coding to the kids. 

If other kids can start learning coding at the age 6 year old then surely your kids also can. You just need to trust on your kid’s capacity of learning.

What is the best programming language for a child to learn?

I will not suggest you like many others that first know what your child wants to become and teach coding language according to that. 

It’s true that different career path require different programming languages but as a high school teacher, I have seen student are struggling to find out their destination. Many students often approach to me ask me, sir, what programming language shall I learn? What is good for me?

Some time we are very unrealistic, I have seen many students pursuing Bachelor degree and still they don’t know what they want to become, then how can we expect this answer from a small little kid.

I would suggest you that first don’t bother about career, let your kids understand how the coding works and let them learn to think logically to solve problem.

Once your kids learn any one programming language, learning others will become much easier.

If your child love to play game then let them learn the coding languages for game first, like Lua programming for Roblox or others. You can Visit this link for teaching your kids coding for Roblox game for free of cost.

You can also teach Scratch if your kids are too young to learn coding and if your kids are older than let them start with Python programming language. Here are the list of free courses they can start with.

What is the best way to teach kids programming?

We love video and so the kids, they love to see and learn rather than read and learn.

So, I would recommend that let your kids go for either face to face coding classes, where teacher will teach your kids face to face, it can be online or through offline. But this process can be expensive.

The second best cheapest and engaging way is to go for video tutorial courses, where they will be taught by the instructor through video recorded classes, your kids can go forth and back or go through the video again and again to learn the coding from their own comfort zone, just by sitting at home.


To summarize I would like to draw your attention to the major takeaways from this article.

  • Coding is crucially important as most of the job in future with high salary will be in coding.
  • Your kids can learn coding; they are capable to learn so never underestimate your kid’s capacity of learning.
  • Coding develop your kids mind to think critically and logically with math to solve problem.
  • There are many free ways to start the journey of learning to code for your kids.
  • You don’t essentially need to go for very expensive ways for your kid’s coding classes.
  • Let your children start coding with any programming language; don’t bother about career so much at the beginning.
  • Understanding the concepts of programming may take time, don’t blame your kids as dull.
  • You can start teaching kids to code after the age of 6 years old.

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